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Pinterest has become an excellent place for online marketing and gaining more website traffic. Utilizing the Pinterest platform to generate sales, views, and clicks is now even easier with Tailwind Create! Signing up for Tailwind is as easy as counting to three!

The first step to start using Tailwind Create to schedule your pins for posting on selected days and times is getting signed up. By clicking this link and following the registration steps, you will soon have your very own Tailwind account. After signing up, it is crucial to connect your Pinterest account to start creating and scheduling your pins with Tailwind Create. There are four plans to choose from when deciding on what level of Tailwind will work best for you: Free Forever, Pro, Advanced, and Max.

With Tailwind Create, the hours spent planning and remembering what needs to be posted to social media accounts are no longer a problem. Saving time and money are only two of the benefits of using the intuitive dashboard or drag and drop editor to create an efficient workflow for creating new content and scheduling posting times. The Tailwind dashboard is a convenient location to design, analyze, schedule, and track the impact of individual pins all in one place.

Tailwind Create makes working with Pinterest easier than it has ever been, but the possibilities do not stop there. Tailwind also works with Instagram and Facebook! Whether you have a pin ready to go or forgot to make a few with time running out, Tailwind Create helps create attractive pins with just a few clicks so you can meet your deadlines without worry. Having the ability to create high-quality content in a fraction of the time and pre-schedule the date, time, and location of where the content is to be posted is the goal of managing any social media account while maintaining organization and lower stress.

Here is a quick look at what designing a marketable-quality pin consists of:

Log in to Tailwind and click on the “Tailwind Create” icon on the left side of the dashboard.

Set up the brand look and feel that you will want to use for pin creation. Your brand information, URL, website name, business name, or your own name can be used here.

Choose your preferred fonts or use the curated font pairs available in the drop-down.

Choose your preferred brand colors or use the curated color pairs in the drop-down.

Upload a high-quality business logo, favicon, or graphic that you have chosen to be on your pins.

Click Save and Continue when you are finished.

Tailwind Create will do all the sizing for you to fit within Pinterest’s recommended dimensions.

Fill in the destination link of the product or service you want to promote with the pin.

Type in the headline the pin will be advertising. Any desired subtitles can be added now or later before being posted.

Upload three to eight images intended to be used for the pin, click “Create Images,” and let Tailwind Create work for you while generating your Pinterest pin.

Each pin created through Tailwind Create can be further edited and customized after being made. By visiting the “Review Your Selection” tab, anything that does not look correct can be fixed before being scheduled under the “Go Schedule” tab. To download pins, click “Download.” If you are not ready to schedule yet, leave unscheduled pins in “Drafts” until ready to be published.

Tailwind is not limited to only business use. The process and steps for creating and scheduling are easy enough to follow that anyone can learn a new skill and have fun growing their Pinterest boards with unique pins and content. The only challenge may be figuring out what to do with the extra time available in the day by saving time and money with Tailwind Create! Sign Up today and have fun creating!

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